Tantive XI custom droid swag – which droid should we choose for Celebration Nine?

Some of you may know that I’m also a moderator on TantiveXI.com. The Tantive Team are again hard at work preparing for the next Star Wars Celebration in 2019. Once again, a custom droid will be part of the swag the team will¬†be handing out.

We are having a little bit of difficulty deciding on which droid to make so we are coming to Tantive Crew to help us decide. Check the link and sign up to vote!

Which droid should we choose?

Check out my interview on the Creator Talks podcast!

So I don’t usually share any of my non-vintage Star Wars exploits on this page (I’m about to publish a comic book) but in this podcast I chat a bit about vintage Star Wars blogging and about my Luke Skywalker focus. That said, the interview is still 90 percent about my comic book ūüôā

Hope you guys enjoy it!


Rocket Fett Prototype stolen from Rebelscum owner

Guys please be on the lookout for an AFA graded Rocket Fett Prototype which was stolen from Rebelscum owner Phillip Wise’s Star Wars museum.

Rocket Fett Prototype stolen from Rebelscum owner

Terrible that this has happened to Phil after he has generously displayed it for fans and collectors.

Please email me here or Phil at Rebelscum if you come across any information.



Dutch Comic Con 2016 Report

I originally posted this on the Tantive XI vintage Star Wars forum but I thought I’d share it here as well. Here’s the original thread:

Tantive XI Dutch Comic Con

I recently was fortunate enough to attend the Dutch Comic Con. I had a cracker of a time! I was so excited to meet some comic book artists that I actually turned up at the event before it opened on the first day. Huge queue to get in but it was well managed. Actually the whole event ran really well and I was impressed with how much there was to do. Some excellent comic book artists and writers were there, a few Sci-Fi TV stars, and I couldn’t believe how many back issue comic vendors had set up shop. Crazy cheap too. Not too much vintage Star Wars but to be honest though I didn’t really focus on vintage as I collect comics and it was a comic con after all…. There were some great costumes and of course some very sexy Harley Quinns!


Some of the vintage SW for ¬†sale. The prices for these empty boxes were disgraceful. Then again at least they aren’t reproduction replicators or whatever the hell that dude calls his abominations….


A different vintage shop.


I chatted with Paul Blake (played Greedo in ANH) for a while and you really could have not have met a better bloke. Super easy-going and was happy to chat about Star Wars. I got a photo signed by him and also got him to pose with the Tantive Traveller (Tantive XI’s mascot), It actually cost 10 euros to get a posed photo with him but he did it for free. I was pretty embarrassed when I pulled out the Tantive Traveller but he was a great sport. Seems that Paul actually met the little fella at the Scarborough Sci-Fi con last year but not sure he remembered him…


I met Billy Dee Williams as well but to be honest I was a little disappointed. I was super pumped to meet him and get something signed but he really looked like he wanted to be anywhere but there. I was carrying on, thanking him for his role in SW blah blah, but he barely acknowledged me. When I went to shake his hand he looked at my hand with disgust and fist pumped me instead. He did do a panel later and that was kinda cool. He’s 78 years old so maybe I’m being too harsh…


Not the best photo. Billy Dee Williams appearing for a Q&A with the fans. Was a great turn out and most of the fans were pretty young which is good news for the franchise.


They had a special photo shoot set up for the upcoming Captain America Civil War movie. It’s hard to see but I’m holding the Tantive XI mascot. Yep I look pretty thrilled to be there.


Although it was cool meeting the SW guys and seeing some of the vintage, I was there pretty much mainly to see the comic book creators. I had comic books to get signed and one commission to request.

I pretty much ran through the entry doors straight to Tony Moore, co-creator of The Walking Dead and artist on the first six issues. I’m a massive fan of the WD comic so this was a big moment for me as a comic collector. Tony has also drawn a load for Deadpool, which I’m also a big fan of. I’m suprised he wasn’t mobbed but that’s the good thing about going to cons in places like Holland, Belgium and France; American or British creators aren’t as popular with the locals as European ones.

I had Tony sign about 15 comics and commissioned him to do a small sketch on one of my Deadpool comics. He ended up drawing a Zombie Deadpool. I loved it!

Hmmh how is it going to turn out?




I won’t share all the comics that Tony signed but I do love these covers in particular. Amazing work.



The sketch and the autographs were cool but it was even better just being able to chat with someone who has been so instrumental in creating the comics that bring me so much enjoyment. I talked with him for ages about the comics industry, The Walking Dead, Deadpool and his career in general. Even though he wasn’t really involved in The Walking Dead TV adaptation he loves the show and is really proud that he played a role in its creation. The comic is still going strong too.

He and his wife live in Cincinnati so of course I carried on about my passion for Kenner and vintage SW. They both love SW and said they knew people who used to go through dumpsters for prototypes and his wife used to be a regular at the famous ‘The Earth’ bricks and mortars shop there. They even talked about the Dewey Shumate auction (former Kenner employee) that was held last year.

I chatted also to well-known comic book artists Stephen Scott (Batman, X-Men Forever) and Mike Grell (mainly known for his work on the Green Arrow – his creations were the inspiration for some of the characters in the current TV show). Both great guys. I’d actually met them a few weeks earlier at a book signing at Henks comic shop in Amsterdam (my favourite comic store in The Netherlands). Steve kept calling me “Obi Wan,” which was pretty funny. I had a couple of pieces commissioned by them. Fantastic stuff. Steve actually made prints of the Batman sketch he did for me and told me they have been crazy popular. It was the first time he’d ever produced that sketch too so I was pretty chuffed to own such an original piece.

Here’s the Batman that Steve did.


And a classic Green Arrow from Mike.


A couple of weeks before this signing I actually went to another comic book artist signing at Henk’s. Steve was there again but this time Phil Jimenez was also in attendance. Both super chilled and friendly guys. Not to mention amazing artists. Steve did a free Batman sketch for me and I bought a special print of their European tour.


I was lucky enough to also meet Joe Hill and Chris Ryall at the Dutch Comic Con, the creator and editor respectively of another great comic – Locke and Key. We chatted about their work but they also gave me some great tips about writing novels and creating comics. Really blessed to get the chance to receive advice from such accomplished writers. It actually came out during one of the panels that Joe started using the pen name Joe Hill instead of his real name – Joe King – so that his work would get judged on his merits rather than on his father’s. Yep, his dad is Stephen King.

The guys were kind enough to sign a couple of versions of their most famous comic.



Okay well enough about writers, artists and SW, Here are a few of the cosplay photos and other random snaps I took.

IMG_2773_zpsa8zhhlme IMG_2731_zpsjfrtdhjt IMG_2736_zpsfr0ha16d IMG_2740_zpszebw1yph IMG_2737_zpszgxnycmc IMG_2734_zps8qc11q63 IMG_2732_zpslxjvhvvj IMG_2743_zpsfv3tfqyc IMG_2745_zpsrilxbb7k IMG_2742_zps0k0vgbmz IMG_2748_zpspopuytss IMG_2755_zpsf26o71zg IMG_2751_zpsuduo1dlk IMG_2754_zpsazojlvaf IMG_2760_zps8ir3numy IMG_2756_zpsottb2jmh IMG_2770_zps2rd4e2uj IMG_2761_zpshdqyqqhw IMG_2763_zpsdvpfsvnq IMG_2762_zpsunxczfen IMG_2774_zps3zcecxto IMG_2777_zpsymq98qgw IMG_2781_zpsw9fpmxwu IMG_2786_zpss4g532rl IMG_2787_zpsn6ukaago IMG_2822_zpsrztlshzi IMG_2789_zpsbgwybuau IMG_2830_zps3ukiozqx IMG_2780_zpsnc2ahc21

Support Joe Yglesias’ Bootleg book Kickstarter campaign!

Hey guys I’m sure a lot of you have already seen this, and may have already contributed to Joe’s Kickstarter campaign to help fund his new book on vintage Star Wars bootlegs.


If for some reason you don’t know who Joe is, then check out his previous full-length interview with yours truly. Joe is an absolute legend in vintage collecting and is arguably the world’s most knowledgeable vintage Star Wars bootleg collector. Check the photos in the interview if you don’t believe me!

Collector Interview #6: Joe Yglesias – Bootleg Overlord

Watch this short video if you want to learn more about Joe’s project.

And here’s Joe’s Kickstarter campaign link itself. It details more about the book and shows¬†some of the great incentives you will receive if you support the campaign.

Kickstarter campaign

The link also covers¬†some examples of pages that the book will include. It looks great so far. Of course this photo was my favourite; me being a Luke collector and all…


So far a generous U.S$10,000 has been committed to Joe’s campaign by 95 backers but he still needs to hit the 25,000 mark within the next 40 days if he is to receive any of the funds. This really is an amazing project and something that I’m very excited about. If anyone has the right to publish a book on bootlegs it is Joe!

If you love bootlegs or just vintage SW in general then you really need to get into action and support this great project!

Fantastic Luke Skywalker acrylic on canvas art by Corey Galal!

Well I finally commissioned a Luke Skywalker Farmboy piece of acrylic on canvas from LA based vintage Star Wars collector and artist¬†Corey Galal. Corey’s designs are legendary¬†in¬†vintage Star Wars circles and we’ve actually previously featured him here on the blog. Check the link to learn more about Corey and to see more great examples of his art.
As I stated in our previous article on Corey, you can ask¬†him¬†to paint a scene¬†from the films or a specific vintage figure cartoon style. He keeps you updated throughout the entire creative process and is happy for the endeavour to be as interactive as you like. Each painting takes him about 10 to 16 hours but with him working a “real job”, it can sometimes take about a week or more. It was a hell of a lot of fun dealing with Corey on the piece I commissioned. Contact him on his Facebook page if you’d like him to work something up for you:
Well here it is, an absolute stunning example of Corey’s skills mixed with our love of vintage Star Wars. Yes Luke Farmboy is holding a double telescoping saber….
The scene in the painting is very personal for me, not only because my vintage Star Wars focus is Luke but also because the Lars Homestead sunset scene is my favourite moment from the entire Star Wars film universe. My wife is also a Tattooine native and I was lucky enough to visit the Lars Homestead filming location with her family a couple of years ago.
The funny thing is that my wife is not a Star Wars fan so I offered to put this up at work instead of at home. But when she saw the painting in person she insisted I put it up in the living room! Well done Corey and thanks again!

‘May the Toys Be With You’ vintage Star Wars Exhibition in Canterbury, U.K

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while so apologies for my tardiness. A really cool initiative by the¬†Beaney Museum in Canterbury in the south-east of the U.K; who are currently hosting a free exhibition of vintage Star Wars toys; aptly named¬†‘May the Toys Be With You.’ The exhibition kicked off on 5th December and will going right through to 6th March 2016.
12278752_1526476111005839_3450691659861865832_n (1)
Check the link for a great write up by the Beaney Museum themselves. Some top photos of vintage too:
What is even cooler is that the toys at the exhibition are sourced from the collection of vintage collector Matt Fox; known more widely on the forums as Bonsai_Tree_Ent. Matt is responsible for possibly one of the funniest and most educational loose figure limelights I’ve ever seen. Check it here:
Well congratulations to Matt and to the people at the Beaney Museum. Good luck and thank you for putting this on for us Star Wars fans!

Darth Vader collector Bill McBride features on ABC TV

Are you guys sick of seeing¬†Darth Vader super collector and DT fountain of wisdom Bill McBride’s face in the media recently? Well here he is again, but this time¬†on video¬†on ABC!

Bill McBride on ABC TV


Really happy to see Bill getting so much attention as he really is a collector to look up to; both in the positive manner in which he contributes to the hobby but also for putting together such an amazing figure focus.

Bill has been a regular feature in the media since he was interviewed by yours truly¬†on VSWC Blog in July 2014. You read between the lines….

Bill McBride VSWC Interview

Jokes aside, huge congratulations from us to Bill!