Recommended Vintage Collecting Internet Resources

Here you will find all of the websites that we recommend you bookmark in your favourites and visit regularly if you plan to learn more about our hobby and enjoy the full range that the internet offers to our collecting experience. This page focusses on English language websites and does not include websites that are set up strictly to buy and sell.

Thank you to all of my collector friends who helped me create this list!

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This is where it all started for me. The website itself is a very good resource but it is the forum section where you’ll find a great sample of vintage Star Wars knowledge. Some of the most knowledgeable collectors can be found here. It’s not as busy as it used to be but some of the old threads are information goldmines.

Star Wars Forum UK

A great vintage Star Wars forum. While it is based in the UK, the membership base there is becoming more and more international. These guys are hardcore vintage collectors and have established a great community atmosphere that continues to thrive.

The Imperial Gunnery Forum

Another valuable Star Wars forum, with an international flavour. On top of this, TIG hosts a world-class guide to vintage accessories and is the first stop for anyone needing to test the authenticity of their vintage figure accessories.

Tantive XI Forum

New vintage collecting forum, moderated and owned by a group of vintage collectors. Tantive XI hopes to bridge the gap between FB and traditional forum activity. They use advanced forum technology to provide its members with a more modern forum experience.

The forum is also developing a database that includes basic and advanced COO guide and also a comprehensive guide to vintage SW collectibles.


The new social networking kids on the block. You can limelight your collectibles, also buy, sell and discuss collectibles or anything else to do with the hobby. Gemr also hosts a ‘crowd score’ function which allows members to canvass other members for price estimates on a specific item. Perfect site if you are into limelighting your collection.


The Star Wars Collectors Archive

The Star Wars vintage bible, created by Gus Lopez and managed by some of the most knowledgeable collectors in our hobby. This is the vault where information about vintage SW items is stored and you will find everything you need to know about vintage.

The Archive recently celebrated its 20th birthday, an amazing feat considering the relatively young age of our hobby.

Top class forum run by Joe O’Brien, one of the most learned trilogo collectors in the world. Joe publishes fantastic interviews and produces outstanding articles on the state of the hobby.

Wolff’s COO Guide 3.0

Wolff’s name is synonymous with COO research and this website shows why. Not only does it contain a great visual guide to COOs but there are also photos of Wolff’s amazing collection (including some breath-taking dioramas he built himself) and helpful tips about identifying hard to find figure variants such as Poch.

Vintage Action Figure Variation Guide

I’m not sure who runs this site but it hosts a great visual guide to variant collecting.

Website devoted to 12 backs and run by Chris Fawcett, Jeff Correll, Isaac Lew and John Muse.

Kenner Canada

Contains a great Canadian card-back guide.

Star Wars Trilogy Toys

A comprehensive Canadian vintage reference site run by Scott Bradley, the hobby’s go-to-man when it comes to Canadian collectibles.

Mr Palitoy’s Cardback Guide

A fantastic reference site run by UK collector Jason Smith, who has created a matrix of all of the cardback/figure/bubble combinations potentially affected by the Toy Toni scam. He has also developed a matrix of all known Palitoy packaging.

Mail-Away Guide

Another great website from Shawn Kemple, this time dedicated to Kenner mail-aways.

Star Wars Proof Cards

Guide, developed by Max Field (with the help of Ben Sheehan), to 2-D pre-production items; from original art all the way until proof cards.

Vintage Dental Health

Run by Rebel Commando focus collector Chris Botkins. This site, dedicated to all Star Wars vintage dental related items (toothbrushes, store displays, advertising etc) is definitely one of the quirkiest websites on our list but it is also one of the most fascinating.

Vintage Star Wars Die Cast Toys

A great information source for Die Cast toys, both Kenner and international, created and maintained by Andrew Norton.

The Music of Star Wars

Great Star Wars music website run by collector Tony Damata. Not only has Tony created a brilliant database of Star Wars related vinyl, but he has also catalogued 45s, 8-tracks and audio cassettes.



Very cool website hosting photos of those who “grew up with Star Wars.” Run by collector Tom Berges.

Kenner Collector

Website dedicated to all things Kenner and run by the guys who brought us that famous interview with Steve Denny, one of the greatest contributors to our hobby.

Creature Cantina

Founded by C3P0 focus collector Bill Cable. This site shares information about vintage but also hosts C7YB; a very cool web comic about collecting.

Power of the Toys

Stellar website run by Luke Jedi collector Shawn Kemple. Check out Shawn’s Luke Jedi focus, coin collection and read his seminal article on the u-grade issue.

Fantastic Luke Jedi website run by Bob Martinazzi. 

Sith Toys

Website run by Darth Vader super collector Bill McBride, Contains photos of some of Bill’s collection and has a load of helpful information about double-telescoping sabers and prototypes.

From 4-LOM to

Devoted exclusively to Star Wars action figures both vintage and modern. It is designed to be a place where collectors can find action figure resources, reviews, information, checklists, calendars, news, speculation, event coverage, photography, and more. 

Toltoys Kid

Very cool blog dedicated to not only Toltoys Star Wars vintage but to all Toltoys products. Doesn’t seem to have been updated in a while though.


The Outer Realm

Bootleg site run by arguable the globe’s most well-known bootleg collector Joe Yglesias.

Uzay Star Wars

Great page all about Uzays.  Founded by Mete Akin.


Get your Polish bootleg love here.

Star Warsaw

Another great Polish bootleg website; this one managed by well-known bootleg collector Jakub.

Stars War

This website showcases the webmaster’s incredible bootleg collection, including beautiful Uzays. Model Trems and Polish figures.


There are two strictly vintage SW podcasts that I listen to without fail, while there are two that cover both vintage and modern items, which that I listen to on and off (I am not a fan of modern). My descriptions below are very brief but for a more in-depth review, check out former VSWC interviewee and guest blogger Ross Barr’s article on theswca blog:

Intergalactic Talking Heads: A Vintage Collector’s Review of Star Wars Collecting Podcasts

Star Wars Collectors Archive Podcast

The ‘Chive Cast is the official podcast of the Star Wars Collectors Archive website and has been spinning its wheels since early 2010, making it our hobby’s longest running podcast. Run by Chewbacca collector Skye Paine and B-Wing Pilot collector Stephen Danley, this was the first podcast I ever plugged into. Not only is the show extremely educational but it is damn hilarious. Steve and Skye were also two of my earliest interviewees on VSWC Blog.

STAR WARS The Vintage Rebellion Podcast

Formerly known as the SWFUK Podcast and run by a bunch of fun-loving, easy going guys who love their SW toys: Stuart Skinner, Richard Hutchinson, Grant Criddle, Jez Allinson and Peter Davis. While this show often runs over four hours, I love every minute of it. They might be based in the UK but they often interview international guests and discuss SW collectibles world-wide.

Galaxy Of Toys: Star Wars Collector Show

Hosted by Jason Luttrull, with co-hosts Jake Stevens, Chris Bortz and Ryan BeiseThe Galaxy of Toys Podcast discusses Star Wars toys past, present and future. I’ve listened to a few episodes (the ones focussed on vintage) and the show is extremely entertaining and the guys really know there stuff.

SW Bounty Hunters Collectors Podcast

The newest podcast out of the four, hosted by Bill Harvat  Mike Harvat and Phil Reno. I’ve listened to the first few episodes and so far I’ve really liked what I’ve heard. While they do discuss modern SW toys, there was enough vintage talk to keep me engaged.

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