Fantastic Luke Skywalker acrylic on canvas art by Corey Galal!

Well I finally commissioned a Luke Skywalker Farmboy piece of acrylic on canvas from LA based vintage Star Wars collector and artist Corey Galal. Corey’s designs are legendary in vintage Star Wars circles and we’ve actually previously featured him here on the blog. Check the link to learn more about Corey and to see more great examples of his art.
As I stated in our previous article on Corey, you can ask him to paint a scene from the films or a specific vintage figure cartoon style. He keeps you updated throughout the entire creative process and is happy for the endeavour to be as interactive as you like. Each painting takes him about 10 to 16 hours but with him working a “real job”, it can sometimes take about a week or more. It was a hell of a lot of fun dealing with Corey on the piece I commissioned. Contact him on his Facebook page if you’d like him to work something up for you:
Well here it is, an absolute stunning example of Corey’s skills mixed with our love of vintage Star Wars. Yes Luke Farmboy is holding a double telescoping saber….
The scene in the painting is very personal for me, not only because my vintage Star Wars focus is Luke but also because the Lars Homestead sunset scene is my favourite moment from the entire Star Wars film universe. My wife is also a Tattooine native and I was lucky enough to visit the Lars Homestead filming location with her family a couple of years ago.
The funny thing is that my wife is not a Star Wars fan so I offered to put this up at work instead of at home. But when she saw the painting in person she insisted I put it up in the living room! Well done Corey and thanks again!

Finally scored a Model Trem Luke Skywalker! But why was it so bittersweet?

Well I’m not one to regularly post my latest acquisition but this one is very special (check out our recent article in relation to posting collections online – I finally got my hands on a Luke Skywalker Model Trem (Brazilian bootleg) complete with the original box. I’ve been looking for one of these for more than a year so I was over the moon to get a great example at what I think was a really good price. What was also cool was that it was my good friend, Matthieu B, who let me know about the sale and if it wasn’t for him I probably would have missed the boat. This is another reason why I love the Star Wars vintage collecting community.

For those who don’t know much about these Model Trems, check out this great write-up by the undisputed bootleg king himself – Joe Y.

So here’s the Luke Trem I bought myself, now displayed proudly in my Luke focus cabinet.

trem coup

The figure itself is in pretty good condition for a Trem. Let’s be honest, these Trem figures weren’t exactly made by major craftsmen – the head is very loose and pops up and down very easily and the arms have very loose joints. The figure is also very heavy as it is made from lead. I absolutely love it though and it is fast becoming my favourite loose figure. Actually it is my favourite loose figure!

trem loose

I love the little box it comes in too. It’s really fragile so I’m happy that mine only has a couple of small tears at the front of the box.

trem box

So why was this score bitterweet? Well, I was stoked to finally land a Trem Luke but I was genuinely sad that it was previously part of an amazing limelight on the VSWC blog itself. Yes, that’s right – Aaron Jones is selling up his Luke Farmboy Focus. Aaron is a lovely guy and also a really modest collector so it was a joy to have him and his focus on the blog. The good news is that Aaron is not dipping out of the hobby but is still hanging around the boards and Facebook groups. He might even be back with a new focus in the future and if history is a reliable guide, it will be a focus to look out for!

Check out Aaron’s limelight on the blog. An absolute beauty to behold.

Well good luck to Aaron in his new endeavours. Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy my new Luke and try not to get lead poisoning!

Collector limelight #1 – Aaron Jones and Luke Skywalker (Farmboy)

Welcome guys to our new segment titled ‘Collector Limelight’. Every month we will present a focus limelight; following the Kenner list of produced figures. We start off with my favourite figure – Luke Skywalker (known by many as ‘Luke Farmboy’). It might  get tough once we arrive at the less popular figures but I’m sure someone in some corner of world will rise up and meet the limelight challenge!

While there are some unbelievable foci out there, we will not always choose the largest and most complete collections. Rather we will be looking to mix up it up between veteran collectors and newer members to the SW vintage universe. The key parameters for being chosen are that you have a mix of MOCs and loose figures.

This month I’m happy to present Aaron Jones, a 29 year old Aircraft Technician from Plymouth, England, as our first limelight. A lot of you may know Aaron from the forums, where he has bought loads of pieces and has previously shared photos of his wonderful focus.

Aaron is quite younger than the average collector, which is great news for the growing hobby. It’s easy to see that he holds a lot respect for those who have come before him and is eager to learn. I like the way he has put his collection together – a great mix of MOCs, interesting loose variants and some very hard to find bootlegs. He even recently included an Engineering Pilot to his collection.


I spoke briefly with Aaron and he let me know a bit about how he got into collecting.

He always had a keen interest in vintage toys and when he finally got his first place, he decided it would be a great opportunity to pick up some of his favourite toys that he had owned as a child, including He-Man, Thundercats, TMNT, Ghostbusters and Star Wars. After a few months it was clear to him and his suffering girlfriend that it was Star Wars that he had really got the collecting bug for. That happened about 20 months ago and he has not looked back since.

Aaron couldn’t  explain why he loves the Luke Farmboy figure so much, he was simply drawn to him more than any other figure and when he discovered the world of variants that was it – he was hooked!The sheer amount of variants for this particular figure amazed him and fed his growing SW obsession. After putting together a large loose collection of Lukes, MOCs started calling him and it wasn’t long until he decided to take the plunge.

Aaron admits that he’s more interested in quantity over quality. He wishes this wasn’t the case but it’s important to him (and his wallet) that he put variants together with the desire to at a later date, upgrade.

Aaron hopes to continue building his collection and to add some special pieces. For him the hunt, as for a lot of us, is as fun as the collecting itself and he is happy to sit and wait patiently for his ‘holy grails.’ He’s in it for the long haul! Well check out the fantastic collection he has managed to put together in 20 months.

Aaron’s Luke Farmboy Limelight


Top row – SW 12-B, 12-D and 21-B

Second row – ESB 21-A, 41-E and 47 Back

Third row – Palitoy 45-C Brown Hair, 45-C Blonde, 65-C and Kenner 65-B (both 45-C’s are Toy Tonis)

Fourth row – ROTJ 77-A, Tri-logo brown hair, brown hair with Bespin Saber and blonde hair

Bottom row – Baggies – SW-A, SW-B, ESB-C / POPY (blonde/brown), ESB-H, ROTJ-A, ROTJ-I


Loose figures – In no particular order –  DT Luke 2 line HK large, dark brown hair 2 line HK small © hair and leg variants.

3 Line high 1977, black and brown eye variants, Taiwan variants, No COO 3 Line low 1977 – black, brown and red eye variants.

China High 1977, China Low 1977, Glasslite, Poch, Meccano Orange Hair and Engineering Pilot.

Hungarian, Model Trem and Polish bootlegs. 

Well thanks for joining us Aaron. We hope to see your collection grow and grow.

Look out guys! You could be the next limelight contestant!