Support Joe Yglesias’ Bootleg book Kickstarter campaign!

Hey guys I’m sure a lot of you have already seen this, and may have already contributed to Joe’s Kickstarter campaign to help fund his new book on vintage Star Wars bootlegs.


If for some reason you don’t know who Joe is, then check out his previous full-length interview with yours truly. Joe is an absolute legend in vintage collecting and is arguably the world’s most knowledgeable vintage Star Wars bootleg collector. Check the photos in the interview if you don’t believe me!

Collector Interview #6: Joe Yglesias – Bootleg Overlord

Watch this short video if you want to learn more about Joe’s project.

And here’s Joe’s Kickstarter campaign link itself. It details more about the book and shows some of the great incentives you will receive if you support the campaign.

Kickstarter campaign

The link also covers some examples of pages that the book will include. It looks great so far. Of course this photo was my favourite; me being a Luke collector and all…


So far a generous U.S$10,000 has been committed to Joe’s campaign by 95 backers but he still needs to hit the 25,000 mark within the next 40 days if he is to receive any of the funds. This really is an amazing project and something that I’m very excited about. If anyone has the right to publish a book on bootlegs it is Joe!

If you love bootlegs or just vintage SW in general then you really need to get into action and support this great project!

4 thoughts on “Support Joe Yglesias’ Bootleg book Kickstarter campaign!

    • If you knew me at all, you’d know that this project is and has been everything for the past few years that I’ve been doing the preliminary writing. This book means almost as much to me as the bootlegs that I’m writing about are.

      I have publicly explained previously that the overhead of paying graphics designers and product photographers as well as the printer for the book all before it comes out, is why the kickstarter is happening. It’s not like I’m expecting handouts, just some support and faith from the community that I’ve been a part of for well over 20 years, in my ability to create a quality product. Not to mention that the items you get for contributing are well worth the pledge amounts.

      • I think concerned collector is saying Joe has a ton of sick items and should have more than enough on hand to pay for this book to be published. Great idea for a book

        • I couldn’t afford my collection if I were starting today. Having nice items that I bought when they were 1/10th of their current value AND when I was earning 3x what I earn now, doesn’t equate into my having $ on hand to pay the upfront costs of hiring photographers and graphic designers so that the book comes out looking professional, or paying for the first print of the book. Selling items that I could never replace isn’t an option, I’m writing this book because of my love for these misfits of the collecting world, selling them off, would defeat the purpose of why I’m doing this. I sold 90% of my licensed and prototype collection over the past decade just to stay in the bootleg game, so it’s not like I’ve got those to sell off any longer either. Would you sell off your collection to write a book about how much fun it is to collect? Yeah, didn’t think so. The kickstarter to me is just another version of preordering copies, I’m far from asking for handouts or offering perks that aren’t worth the price.

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