Back from holiday and excited to blog again!

Hi dudes and dudettes,

Just another quick post to say that Luke Bespin and I are back from a well-earned holiday and are ready and willing to blog once again. Thank god my little Mexican buddy Luke spoke Spanish and acted as my interpreter during our trip to Spain. People did find it a little weird though, I guess it’s not every day you see a grown man (allegedly) taking photos of his action figure, let alone speaking to it. I won’t even mention the looks we got when we booked a double room together. Anyone got a number of a good psychiatrist?

Here are a couple of photos of Luke really enjoying himself over there. 23 degrees pretty much every day, not bad for winter. If only Holland would get over the 10 degree mark in winter…

luke1 luke2

Can anyone guess where in Spain we were? TIP: There’s a rumour that the volcano in the second picture was a filming location for Star Wars Episode 3. Supposedly there is no factual basis to this rumour though.