4 thoughts on “Collector Interview #7: Javier Ruilopez – Who’s down with PBP?

  1. Fantastic interview Christian & Javi. Well chosen questions and very informative replies – both regarding Javi as a person/his background as well as Javi as a collector. The high quality pics are also a major plus in my book. Thanks Again Christian for letting me ask Javi all these questions. 🙂

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  3. An awesome read and a truly magnificent collection Javi!

    The book is second on my book wish list behind Playboy Spanish Edition! I need to see more of these beautiful women you talk of 🙂

    Great interview Christian and Kenneth!

  4. Hey guys,

    I am very pleased, that guys like you are doing so much reseach in this stuff. I am collecting since my childhood. All the times if I have a chance I am looking for my figures. I am not involved in any Forum, I just do it by myself. Could you give me the Information, where I could buy this fantastic book? Thank you very much. Karsten

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