Forum thread of the month – October 2014: Who was the UK equivalent of Steve Denny? (via SWFUK)

Welcome to the second installment of our new segment – ‘Forum thread of the month’, where we scan the three main English speaking forums, Rebelscum, The Imperial Gunnery (TIG) and Star Wars Forum UK (SWFUK) to pick out the most interesting collector related thread for the month.

Here is last month’s pick if you missed it. It will be a tough thread to top and it’s still ongoing. Admittedly I did bump it a few days ago though…

This week’s thread comes straight out of the UK via SWFUK and its title was “Who was the UK equivalent of Steve Denny?”

The thread was quite short but I found it very interested, particularly given how much I deal and socialise with UK collectors. While we hear a lot about U.S based collectors and the history of U.S collecting, sometimes it’s easy to forget that there were a lot of UK collectors (not to mention European based collectors) also doing the rounds back in the day. I’d love to see similar threads for other countries.

I’ll let you read the thread yourselves but the two names who kept popping up as the UK equivalent of Steve Denny were Jason Joiner and Jim Stevenson. I’ve heard of and interacted with Jason Joiner, who is quite the controversial figure and also the whistle blower on the Toy Tony scam but I had not heard of Jim Stevenson. So it was cool to get a bit of a history lesson.

For those who haven’t heard of him, U.S based Steve Denny is an absolute giant of vintage Star Wars collecting. He was recently interviewed by the Kenner Collector blog and what a scorcher of an interview it was. Check it out!