‘May the Toys Be With You’ vintage Star Wars Exhibition in Canterbury, U.K

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while so apologies for my tardiness. A really cool initiative by the Beaney Museum in Canterbury in the south-east of the U.K; who are currently hosting a free exhibition of vintage Star Wars toys; aptly named ‘May the Toys Be With You.’ The exhibition kicked off on 5th December and will going right through to 6th March 2016.
12278752_1526476111005839_3450691659861865832_n (1)
Check the link for a great write up by the Beaney Museum themselves. Some top photos of vintage too:
What is even cooler is that the toys at the exhibition are sourced from the collection of vintage collector Matt Fox; known more widely on the forums as Bonsai_Tree_Ent. Matt is responsible for possibly one of the funniest and most educational loose figure limelights I’ve ever seen. Check it here:
Well congratulations to Matt and to the people at the Beaney Museum. Good luck and thank you for putting this on for us Star Wars fans!

Darth Vader collector Bill McBride features on ABC TV

Are you guys sick of seeing Darth Vader super collector and DT fountain of wisdom Bill McBride’s face in the media recently? Well here he is again, but this time on video on ABC!

Bill McBride on ABC TV


Really happy to see Bill getting so much attention as he really is a collector to look up to; both in the positive manner in which he contributes to the hobby but also for putting together such an amazing figure focus.

Bill has been a regular feature in the media since he was interviewed by yours truly on VSWC Blog in July 2014. You read between the lines….

Bill McBride VSWC Interview

Jokes aside, huge congratulations from us to Bill!


‘How Star Wars Figures are Made’ – fantastic article by Tommy Garvey at theswca.com

Just a quick post to bring to your attention the publication of one of the most informative articles on vintage SW collecting that I have ever read. Tommy Garvey from theswca.com explains the entire process behind the production of a vintage Star Wars figure; using Kea Moll as an example. Tommy is also a moderator on Rebelscum and admins the ‘Dark Times’ group on Facebook.
Ever wondered what a ‘proto mould’ is? How about a ‘mock up’ or an ‘engineering pilot’? Read below for your lesson is Preproduction 101!
Thanks to Tommy and all the guys at theswca.com for all of their hard work.

Collector Snapshot #17 – Amy Sjoberg

Welcome all to the seventeenth episode of our collector snapshot, where a vintage collector answers 10 short questions. The same questions will be given to every collector appearing in this segment.

This is a very special episode as our guest is one of the most active contributors to our hobby. I’m stoked that someone of Amy’s collecting caliber agreed to come onto the blog and I’m sure you’ll all enjoy reading through her responses as much as I did.

Amy is a 34 year old human resource professional from Seattle, Washington. I met Amy only briefly in the Collectors’ Social Room at Celebration Anaheim, where she was kind enough not to crack up laughing at the terrible pin I gave her advertising my blog (trust me, I’m not being modest).

Here she is on a SARLACC ((the Seattle Area Lucasfilm Artifacts Collector Club) film location trip to Death Valley. 


Amy actually presented at C7 and you can check the video of the panel here; where she and Jarrod Clark discussed Ewok collectibles. Thanks to Tommy Garvey from theswca for continuing to post these great videos of the C7 collecting panels.

Ewok Collectibles Panel – Celebration Anaheim

She also also had an entry in the Vader Case Project at C7; a fantastic event which raised loads for charity. Read more about the project here:

theswca – celebration Anaheim Vader Case Project

Amy’s entry: ‘Sunset on Endor’.’ Stunning…


Amy is extremely active on the collecting scene. She’s a member of SARLACC, R2 Builders, Ewok Builders and even has time to blog at http://blog.theswca.com and www.SARLACC.org. I’ve actually recently shared one of Amy’s great blog articles on our Facebook page, here it is again if you missed it:

theswca – Creepy Star Wars Collectibles

Would you believe she’s involved in even more SW vintage endeavours? Check out the Star Wars Collecting Cosmos Collecting Cosmos – Facebook podcast and Amy’s Etsy shop ‘Nerdventions’ – Nerdventions – Etsy.

1. How long have you been collecting?
I was introduced to Star Wars at a young age with Return of the Jedi being the first film I remember seeing (and still my favorite Star Wars movie).  Ironically, it was my brother, Karl, who was the Star Wars collector in our house in the 80s.
Amy and her brother, Easter 1984. Yep that’s a stuffed Ewok! 
It was at Celebration 3 where I bought my first vintage item, a loose Jabba with throne.  I also met collectors in my area, this eventually led me to joining SARLACC. It was an eye opening experience to meet other collectors. I have learned so much from them and had amazing adventures along the way. I had the opportunity to host panels on collecting and can typically be found volunteering at the collecting panels at Celebration.  As with my friendships, my collection has been growing year by year.
VSWC: Amy tells me that seeing friends is always the highlight of her convention experience, especially the Archive Party (the party hosted by podcasters Stephen Danley and Skye Paine – check out our previous interview with Steve and Skye – VSWC Interview – Steve and Skye.) 
Here she is with some of her collector friends at C7 – (left to right) are Jim Gibbons, Steve Sansweet, Michal Stewart, Aaron Leonard, Amy, Tom Stewart, and Earl Bergquist
2. What do you collect?
It has always been a ‘collect what you like motto’ for me. Lets just say it is still a work in progress and ever evolving but can be mainly narrowed down to the following categories: vintage and modern 12″ figures from Kenner, Hasbro, and Sideshow toys. I’ve always had an affinity for the 12″ scale and am close to completing my Kenner 12″ collection. Sideshow has made some great figures over the past 10 years and I have almost every Star Wars rebel/hero figure they made. I also have paired these with Gentle Giant busts and statues for many characters including Obi Wan, Leia, Han, Luke etc.   
Return of the Jedi, Ewoks, and the huts they live in vintage and new. I have every ewok action figure sold by Kenner and Hasbro. My affinity for my favorite playset of all time, the Ewok Village, is plain to see. My collection is called ‘The Ewok Village’ so I have a reputation to maintain. 😉  I own three Kenner villages, two loose and one boxed.  Then there’s the preschool ewok line, catapult, hang glider, and battle wagon which are all boxed. I have an Ewok plush infestation and that slimy gangster Jabba and his denizens are everywhere. I also collect ROTJ Lego sets (including the Ewok Village of course!)
Prequel and Clone Wars Obi Wan collectibles. I have a  collection of art cards collected over five years at various conventions by some of my favorite artists. My other favorite piece in this category is the mythos Obi wan statue by Sideshow.
IMG_5564 image2 image3
 I got to meet Ewan himself a few years ago. To be honest, I’m amazed I didn’t keel over. After all this the person who graced the Obi Wan calendar in my high school locker.
Event collectibles and hand made Star Wars items, plush, and ceramics. I have plush from art shows including a handmade Wampa. Collectibles from past celebrations, items made by SARLACC and gathered from our many film location trips. There’s a shelf for bootleg and licensed ceramics including the infamous Taun-Taun Teapot and C3PO tape dispenser by Sigma. I like to use the bookshelf edges to hold all my lanyards. My favorite Celebration collectible is the buttons people make. There is so much generosity and creativity there. They remind me every day of all the great collectors out there from all over the world.
IMG_5566image6image5   image4 image1
 3. What’s your grail?
I’ve never really had just one grail item. Grail items are like the future…. ‘always in motion’ and ever growing as I discover more things. Most recently I was looking for a 1986 Ewoks Ice Capades light up button, a 1983 set of ROTJ valentines, and a 1984 Ewoks calendar. Both I’m happy to say I got all of these in the past month.
And here they are….
  BfS2B_ZA688Mv0Q2zOy8vRGnpcEStCaD4yua8MUuCsc s-l1600 5SgiCo_5ZZEbsYpQYrouJFH0KsHSBRrSMreKFdXx0Ig
Note: These pictures are from the sales listings themselves. 
I also do all of this without using Ebay so I defiantly play the long game on a lot of pieces. And I rely on my network of collector friends who alert me to new stuff posted out there. Thankfully with SARLACC, many of the items that I would love to have are in other collections locally that I get to visit at least once a year. So I get to see them even if I don’t have them.
4. What collectors inspire you?
There are so many people who have inspired me in this hobby. Gus Lopez for sharing his collection, his knowledge, and creating SARLACC. Jarrod Clark, fellow ewok collector who always keeps a look out for stuff I need. Mike Ritter, Tom Stewart, Lauren Bock and Bill McBride; all some of the nicest guys in the hobby.  Pete Vilmur for his generosity and our in depth discussions on things like bootleg ceramics. Steve Sansweet for opening up his collection for everyone to see.  Duncan Jenkins for his incredible encyclopedia like knowledge of collecting.  Shane Turgeon for giving me the idea to focus on collecting memories and friendships over collectibles. There are so many more that I want to list, everyone I’ve met in this hobby has inspired me in some way.
5. What is your most embarrassing moment as a collector?
Those times in the past when checking out at Toy’s ‘R’ Us and the clerk asks if I want a gift receipt for my (non existent) son’s Star Wars toy. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen anymore. I think now they just assume the adults are getting Star Wars stuff for themselves.
6. What is your favorite Star Wars film?
My favorite film is Return of the Jedi. I know it may not be the best, but it is a sentimental favorite for me.
7. What would you change about the collecting community?
Star Wars collectors online can be negative at times. Sure we won’t all agree on what our favorite episode of Star Wars is, or what to collect. We should be welcoming, it is a large hobby and there is room here for everyone. Collections also come in all sizes and focuses. Thankfully, collectors I have met in this hobby are inclusive, supporting, friendly and willing to lend a hand by helping others get something they need in a collection. Those are the best people in the hobby, the ones that aren’t in it for the competition, or the money. Instead they share their knowledge, collections, and sometimes even collectibles. I guess you could sum that up as good collecting karma.
8. Forums or Facebook groups?
I still use both but I do like Facebook for the format.  It is easier to meet folks within your collecting focus and view all the posts at a glance.
9. What Star Wars character do you most resemble?
Probably young Aunt Beru played by Bonnie Piesse. There aren’t many blonde women in Star Wars.
 10. Is there one thing that collectors may not know about you?
Collecting is in my genes. My father has it, my brother had it… 😉 My first collection was Disney stamps (now that the Mouse owns Star Wars, I guess I’ve come full circle). It wasn’t until I got to college that I looked back and thought, Star Wars has always been there. Other hobbies have come and gone, but as the slogan goes, ‘Star Wars is Forever.’
VSWC: Well thank you Amy for coming onto the VSWC Blog! I absolutely love your passion for the hobby and it’s one of the main reasons I invited you on. It has been great hearing some of your collecting philosophy and your general views on our fantastic hobby. Hopefully your inclusive attitude can positively influence some of the more negative aspects of the collecting community. Thanks again! 


Target ‘Share the Force’ commercial – featuring VSWC competition winner Jad Bean!

We recently ran a competition here on the blog, with the prize being a mint set of Cantina Crew aliens. All you had to do to win was to post a photo on the page of yourself as a child with a vintage Star Wars collectible.

We were hit with so many outstanding entries that we decided to give away several runner up prizes. One of the winning entries was from Jad Bean. Here he is with his Ewok Village on Christmas Day.

Jad Bean

What I found out later was fantastic. Jad actually had this special moment captured on video and this footage was included in the Target ‘Share the Force commercial’. You can catch Jad in it, opening the very same Ewok Village. That’s him in the video at 0:09 (labeled Christmas 1977) and again at 0:12 (Christmas 1983). Not only does Jad appear but there is footage of a bunch of other kids with their vintage SW toys. The video is a joy to watch and really captures why so many of us collect vintage Star Wars.

Check out the video here:

Target ‘Share the Force’ commercial

Are any of our readers in the video? Let us know!

What is even cooler than Jad appearing in this video is that he also has the honour of having a Star Wars character officially named after him. Yes that’s right, unbelievable. Check out the full story on his blog:

Jad Bean character in ROTJ

Thanks Jad for sharing and keep up the good work!

The nostalgia of vintage Star Wars collecting – article by ‘From4-LOMtoZuckuss.com’

Just a super quick update for my non-Facebook readers. I post a lot on our Facebook page but always forget to update on the website as well. Will do my best to remedy this.

Here’s a very cool article from the guys at From4-LOMtoZuckuss.com, one of our favourite Star Wars collecting websites.They discuss the nostalgia element of vintage Star Wars collecting and the article features an interview with Tom Berges – the man behind igrewupstarwars.com.


Also check out our previous interview with Jake Stevens, the founder and main force behind From 4-LOM to Zuckuss.

Collector Snapshot #13 – Jake Stevens …/


Gemr – a new social media platform for limelighting your vintage Star Wars collection!

What the hell is Gemr?

Well for those who haven’t heard, they are the new social networking kids on the block for crazy collectors like ourselves.

GEMR logo

If you already know about Gemr, but haven’t signed up, well do it now! It’s completely free to sign up and there is nothing to lose by having a look around.


To quote their website Gemr is a “social community for people who collect, and anyone who is passionate about the stuff they own. It’s free to join, and users can organize, showcase, buy, sell, and trade their items on the platform.”

Check the video out for a visual overview of Gemr.

So why am I reviewing Gemr?

One of their representatives contacted my blog a few weeks ago and asked me to review their site. I’m pretty happy with the forums and Facebook so I must admit I was a little apprehensive about testing another platform. But after signing up and exploring the site for a couple of weeks I was pretty impressed with what I found. We chatted a bit more about Gemr’s plans and in the end I’ve agreed to help drum up some awareness about Gemr among the vintage Star Wars community. When I say “help,” I simply mean to post an honest and in-depth review of their site.

What does Gemr offer the collector?

You can showcase your collectibles to like-minded individuals, you can also buy, sell and discuss collectibles or anything else to do with the hobby. Gemr also hosts a ‘crowdscore’ function which allows members to canvass other members for price estimates on a specific item.

There are a loads of eclectic collecting clubs to join. Although I only joined the vintage Star Wars club and comic club, other clubs range from Transformers, Sneakers, Lego, Marvel Figures, Sports Memorabilia, Cosplay (I’m not going to pretend I didn’t spend way too much time looking at the cosplay girls…), Fine Art and Stamps. I could go on and on….And if there isn’t a club that suits your interest, there is the option to contact Gemr to start one up.

If you are anything like me, you might actually collect a bunch of different things. Not only do I collect vintage Star Wars but I also collect comics and books (first editions, editions signed by authors etc). All of these collectibles are covered by specific collecting clubs on Gemr so for me Gemr is extremely practical. All my collectibles under one easy to navigate roof!

The first thing I noticed after logging into my account was how aesthetically pleasing and stylish the layout was. Not only that, but the interface is super smooth and easy to navigate.

To give you a bit of an idea about what to expect when you log in, here’s a screenshot of the top half my Gemr home screen.

Home screen

If you scroll down the homepage, you can explore collectibles recently posted by other members:


The setup is pretty easy to use and doesn’t take long to get used to. The options you can see in the screenshot are pretty self-explanatory but rather than explaining everything myself, check out this video that walks new users through the site.

Why should a vintage Star Wars collector use Gemr?

We already have forums and Facebook. What’s the point of joining yet another site? Well it really is worth it and I definitely will be using it more in future.

Like I’ve already stated, the interface looks great and is smooth and easy to use. Plus there are clubs for all my collecting passions. I know there are forums and Facebook groups for all of these but it seems so much easier to have them all easily accessible on one site.

Another positive is that I can upload my whole collection and use it as a reference database for when I need to quickly access it. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve needed to know if I have a specific COO variant or cardback in my collection but haven’t had a photo on my phone or computer. It’s pretty cool too because you are able to attach a note with a bunch of details to each item. I know that would be definitely handy to me. Not only can you store your whole collection but you can also share your collection directly from Gemr to other social networking platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Here’s a screenshot of an overview of my collection that I have already uploaded:luke new

You can then click into your collection and pull up a full shot of each photo. If you scroll further down, you can see the details of what’s in the photo and it’s also easy access to the thumbnails for the rest of the collection. It all looks pretty slick and professional. My terrible computer skills don’t do it justice…


And for you comic book lovers, here’s a partial snapshot of the only comic I’ve uploaded. I’ll upload all of my other X-Men keys soon.


there is also no need to find your thread and bump it like we have to on the forums and on Facebook.Your collection is always easily accessible from your personal dashboard.

When it comes to buying, selling and trading, Gemr is nicely set up so you can manage an inventory of your sales or trade items in one place. You can easily add or remove items from your inventory. The same goes for managing your WTB list.

What is great too, similarly to the forums, is that only serious collectors will sign up to Gemr. So expect to meet like-minded collectors there, rather than a torrent of trolls that we witness daily in the larger and public Facebook groups.

Us vintage collectors are notoriously resistant to change when it comes to trying out new forms of networking. We resisted forums – until they eventually took over and then we resisted Facebook groups – which now host the largest pool of vintage collectors. One group has over 15,000 members. Even some of my anti-Facebook collector friends are now posting regularly there.

I’m not saying we give up on forums (my true home) or Facebook groups and all migrate over to Gemr. If you are completely happy on the forums and have no desire to move, well then each to their own. But if you are anything like me, then you may not want to restrict your collecting activities to one or two social networking platforms. I’m a regular on several forums, loads of Facebook groups (I admin three) and I’m on Twitter and Instagram. Not to mention my blog. I love interacting with a wide range of collectors. We are absolutely kidding ourselves if we believe that forums and Facebook groups capture the entire vintage collecting community.

So what about the vintage Star Wars club on Gemr itself? Well the truth is that it is quite new and not very busy at the moment. I only signed up a few weeks ago myself so it is hard to judge. I’m willing to give it a go though, there are already a few collections posted and  I have started to post some of my own collection.

How can Gemr improve?

Well I guess the most obvious con at the moment for us vintage collectors is the low activity in our club. While there are over 100 members in the vintage Star Wars club and some collections being shared, there is pretty much no discussion yet. This of course will change as more people become aware of Gemr and the vintage Star Wars club.

It’s only a small thing, but when I click on a thumbnail in someone’s collection and view a larger photo, I’d like to be able to click for the next large photo to come up automatically, like we do on Facebook. With Gemr, you need to scroll down and then click from the thumbnail gallery.

If you guys who are already using Gemr have any constructive criticisms yourselves, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment sections.

Sign up here if you want to get involved:





The vintage Star Wars club on Gemr has been powering since we wrote this review and there are now loads more members and some spectacular collections have been posted. Trust me one of them is possibly the best production collection you’ll ever see.

Gemr has also had some useful updates, such as:

  • Quick Collect:Upload multiple items at once
  • Chat:Private message your friends
  • Activity Feeds:See what others are doing on Gemr

You can also dowload the fantastic GEMR mobile phone app, available in the iOS and Android app stores.

These updates have all improved the GEMR experience.

After using the platform for a while now I will say that it is definitely more suited to limelighting your collectibles rather than engaging in hobby related discussions. This should come with time though.

Collector Snapshot #16 – Cesar Alejandro V. Jacquez

I’m thrilled as usual to present the sixteenth episode of our collector snapshot, where a vintage collector answers 10 short questions. The same questions will be given to every collector appearing in this segment.
This round’s victim is 37 year old Mexican collector Cesar Alejandro V. Jacquez, known on Rebelscum as “Chewvazquez.” He was born in Juarez City, the famous Mexican border city near El Paso, Texas but now resides within the Texas-Mexican border in a small town called Zapata in Texas and in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Cesar tells me that he has lived in 17 different places for the past 12 years due to school, work and “just because.” He always finds it difficult to respond when people ask where he is actually from!
Not only is Cesar an accomplished collector but he is also successful in his personal, academic and professional life. He has a PhD in Philosophy, a major in universal literature and is currently working as an interpreter in classified operations offshore.
VSWC: Cesar on Force Friday
VSWC: He does love Star Wars but back in the days Cesar was also a huge MOTU fan! 
 To the questions!
1. How long have you been collecting?
I’ve been seriously collecting for the last 16 years. It all started in in a stop I made in a department store during one of my trips through The States in some town up in the mountains of Colorado. I was on my way to the snacks section and suddenly ran into a full shelf covered with POTF2 (leftover figures I believe) and thought it could be cool to have a Vader figure standing next to my T.V. in the living room or sitting somewhere around my bedroom. I did some collecting before then while living in Tampico, Mexico, gathering snack promotional figurines and ships dispensed in chip bags and cookie boxes. I also used to ask for any Star Wars store header about to be thrown away once the publicity was over. I still have a few of these at home looking just as if they had been been freshly removed from the top of the shelves.
2. What do you collect?
I´ve come down a bit with the collecting habit, yet I keep my eyes out for any foreign Fetts or rarities (if the price is right), pre-production items or vintage SW store displays. I am just a few foreign Fetts away from completing a vintage carded and boxed Boba Fett collection as such; including vehicles, diecast and 13s. Until recently, I was kind of obsessed with the idea of getting them all at some point or at least to get one or two more but everything changed a few days ago when I walked into a cafe with my wife and some friends and there was this sign hanging on one of the walls that reads: “Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.” I took that as a sign LOL.
I also collect key characters and have incomplete runs of 12, 21 backs, a few Tri-Logos, Harberts and Meccanos. The Jawa is another character with that very tiny special touch that I love having.
I like Star Wars LEGOs A LOT! But mostly any set related to the original trilogy. I like Hot Toys and Sideshows figures also, Movie Props. I have several Fett errors, variants, convention exclusives and mock ups all the way from POTF2 to the Black Series line. Besides Star Wars, I also collect autographed items by Sci Fi celebrities starting with figures and any type of memorabilia. Marvel Legends, MOTU, Transformers, Alien, Star Trek, posters, watches, movie related items, etc. I will remain conservative with the interview so I am presenting only some of my favorites vintage Fetts here.
VSWC: Here’s some of Cesar’s mind-blowing collection. Did someone say Boba?
Boba Fett 21 Back- A, B and C (not in precise order)
Boba Fett Palitoy 41-C, Speeder Bike Collection, Tri-Logo / Palitoy, and Droids unpainted right leg error.
Canadian Run – Boba Fett ROTJ 77 back, transition (only two known to exist), 41 back B and 21 Back.
boba can
Revenge Boba Fett Proof Card
boba proof
Cesar proudly displaying this absolute beauty. Nice t-shirt!!!!
Pre-production photography taken on set. This photo was distributed to toy and book companies as a reference for merchandise production. Cesar tells me that he assumes Fett was not famous enough at the time so the guys at Lucas Films chose to highlight the jet-pack (as shown in the text written on the back of the photo). There is a Lucas Films stamp on the bottom right/back. The two black lines on the front of the photo were commonly used as watermarks today for copyright purposes.
boba3 boba4
3. What’s your grail?
Well, I know some “diehard collectors” will hate me for saying this but I found the new Sphero BB8 to be the coolest Star Wars toy ever made throughout the entire Star Wars toy history (kidding you not I am!) I hope EVII does not make me hate it at the end LOL.
VSWC: Cesar declaring his love for BB8
VSWC: The whole family can’t get enough of BB8!
4. What collectors inspire you?
My Dad (R.I.P.) He used to collect military antiques, diecast vehicles and vinyl records from time to time. I was constantly curious as a kid wondering what kind of motivation was behind his passion for buying things that he was just going to put away in displays without ever touching them or playing with them but well, happily enough that question has been FULLY answered now. I had the opportunity to meet with Stéphane Faucourt last year in Paris. It was a fun experience. We spent an entire day talking Star Wars, eating, talking Star Wars, drinking, talking Star Wars, eating again, talking Star Wars and so on… Most of the things he owns are jaw dropping items starting with that full set of square card Meccanos. His Tri-logo rarities are also very impressive and last but not least, his French Fetts. I hold a lot of respect for him as a person and I´m grateful to see all his contributions to the collecting community here and there.
Check out our earlier review of Stephane’s awesome book:
VSWC: Cesar and Stephane hanging out in Paris 
Steph and Cesar
I also hold admiration for guys who I have not personally met yet like Ron Salvatore, his contributions to the hobby are priceless too and he seems to be a very humble and down to earth guy. I like Bill McBride´s endless Vader collection (VSWC: check our feature interview with Bill here – http://vintagestarwarscollectors.com/collector-interview-2-bill-mcbride-dark-lord-of-the-sith/), I wish someday my Boba Fett collection looks like his Vader vault (quit dreaming I know). I have met a lot of great collectors and fans along the way in conventions here in Mexico and in the States. Here in Mexico, Luis Villagomez is another guy I haven´t met but for what I´ve seen his attitude towards the collecting community is always cool and reserved, I respect that besides his collection is always a treat to watch. Collector Alonso Vilches is another dude with impressive stuff, his poster collection is one of the coolest Star Wars collection worth seeing in this country (not everything has to be toys) if I am not mistaking, he owes me a tour through his poster valley to see them all someday. Diehard fans like Armando Barrera in Mexico City and Rodolfo Rodriguez from Monterrey who I recently met are two other guys I like a lot within the Star wars community in this country.
5. What is your most embarrassing moment as a collector?
Hmmmm difficult to answer this question. Nothing pops out of my head as an embarrassing moment to this point but sure we all have some. in the end, no-one knows everything and there is so much yet to be discovered in the hobby.
6. What is your favorite Star Wars film?
Probably A New Hope; I love EV and VI of course (I´m not going any further) but even when the scripts for the sequels were already in place, it was the success of ANH which allowed the other two films to be what they are now. There was not much variety in ANH as there is in its sequels but yet again, it was the success of ANH that allowed: cool gangsters, bounty hunters, a city in the clouds, giant walking dogs and flying motorcycles to make the films even more fun for an audience already attracted to the films thanks to ANH. Besides all the sweet and cutting edge special effects, the magic of the music in the film is something worth mentioning and to at least give half of the credit for its success.
7. What would you change about the collecting community?
Well, although the interactions in the groups (VSWC: Facebook groups) seem to go along just fine, there are a few things I believe that need to be changed and I would like to start with intolerance. Some people find collecting as a competition instead of a fun habit we all love sharing. There is no collection better than any other; everyone loves to death what they own because of their passion for the saga. I also think we need to grow stronger as a community, especially now that the easy access to new technologies has increased the order things are being faked. The number of people with no scruples attempting to rip off the not so experienced collectors has dramatically increased in the past few years. This is something we need to shield against as a group.
8. Forums or Facebook groups?
I like both but I must admit I go onto FB more frequently now.
9. What Star Wars character do you most resemble?
Well… I must say Dengar If I may step off from the films and after reading “Tales of the Bounty Hunters” by Bantam Books. His story was really cool and mirroring to me in the books.
10. Is there one thing that collectors may not know about you?
I like poetry, painting, independent films, art, traveling, Jazz and playing the sax. I am against animal cruelty of any kind. It is funny to see how some people who do not share our love for Star Wars tag us as geeks or nerds thinking we have no other passions or habits in life besides this.
VSWC: Thank you so much for sharing your passions with us Cesar! I can’t agree more with so many of your thoughts on the hobby. Although remind to never introduce you to my wife. You’re handsome, friendly, you have a doctorate in Philosophy and you play the saxophone. Not to mention your great Fett focus! How the bloody hell can I compete with that!!!!!!